This is the Gold and Silver Money Mother-LODE

LODE is digitally mining the Mother-LODE and Putting
idle gold and silver to work one milligram at a time.

A Brief History of Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver have a historic prominence as sound money. For thousands of years, it was widely used as money in day-to-day commerce. Precious metals have proven to be a store of value, a trusted unit of account, and an affordable medium of exchange which are the key attributes of sound money.

Today, gold and silver largely sits idle – in individual’s private reserves or bank safety deposit boxes. Millions of individuals and corporations around the world hold hundreds of millions of ounces of investment grade silver in the hopes that it can provide financial protection and the possibility of a better return of value. While this may well happen, there is no guarantee.

For thousands of years gold and silver were widely used as money in day-to-day commerce.

Why the Name LODE?

The Mother-LODE is a principal vein, or zone of veins, of gold or silver ore. The term is also used colloquially to refer to the origin of something valuable or in great abundance.

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What is the LODE Project?

The LODE Project provides an opportunity to put idle silver back to work in day-to-day commerce and to provide an improved store of value.

There are two assets within the LODE System that are intended to work in tandem; the first asset is the LODE Token representing a digital receipt for securely vaulted silver, that gains micro-payouts for network participation. The second asset is the AGX Coin – the silver-backed, stable digital money that will be used in daily commerce.

Who is the LODE Community

The LODE Community is a Collectively Organized Distributed Ecosystem made up of like-minded silver enthusiasts who advocate for the restoration of silver as money. In other words, advocates for “sound money.” There are many different participants working within the LODE Community, including:

Contributors are registered members of the LODE Community who contribute investment-grade silver to the LODE Project.

Service Providers

Service Providers are participants in the LODE System actively developing the community and utility of the LODE Ecosystem.


Interfix is a Service Provider in the system that acts as a “General Contractor” providing guidance and oversight to the LODE Community as it works to fulfill the objectives and mandates of the project.


Affiliates are active contributors and community members, responsible for sharing the LODE Project with others. Affiliates receive a predetermined payment of tokens for their efforts using a performance-based model.


Ambassadors are contributors and members of the community with a knowledge of and appreciation for the LODE Project. They possess the skills to establish and grow relationships that promote and benefit the LODE Community.


Merchants are participating users of the system involved in the wholesale or retail trade of goods and services.

How does the LODE Community Operate

All LODE Project participants adhere to the LODE Community Ethos and act within the guiding principles of Unity, Faith, Humility and Courage.

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