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The LODE Community is springing forward and wallets are in bloom!

LODE Cloud Wallets

LODE is about to begin the first wallet rollout –  over the next four weeks, contributors will be invited to create their own wallets for the storage of their LODE Tokens and AGX Coins. Final testing for the wallets is currently underway to ensure security and usability for the LODE Community. Contributors will be prompted to activate their wallets throughout the month of April.  Access to wallet addresses and balances will be available directly through the membership portal. The first LODE wallets are web-accessed and cloud-based, meaning they are easy to use and access.

When the wallets are ready, members will receive an email inviting them to log in to the member’s area portal. When members login into the LODE Portal, they will be prompted to build a cloud wallet through easy to understand, step-by-step instructions. To access their wallet, members merely need to login to the portal; once logged in, LODE Token or AGX Coin balances will be easily viewable.

Additional, offline cold storage wallet solutions will also be available by the end of April. The initial offline solution will be a paper wallet; digital cold storage solutions are being programmed and tested by Archos for release later this summer.


CoinPayments, a key Service Provider for the LODE Community, will enable token exchangeability for members wanting to convert bitcoin into AGX or any of the 1200+ tokens supported by their payment platform. Members can store their AGX Coins within a CoinPayments wallet as a secondary source of cloud storage.

Members can sign-up for a CoinPayments account at, which provides access to over 1200+ cloud wallets, one for each of the supported cryptocurrencies. Members can then exchange cryptocurrencies through their platform.


By mid-May 2019, the allocation of LODE Token and AGX Coin cloud wallets will be accompanied by added features such as SEND/RECEIVE/REQUEST that will enable the transfer of assets between members. This will also enable members to transfer assets to the CoinPayments platform and to cold storage paper wallets.

Treasury and Custody Wallets – End of Q2

Currently, all LODE tokenized assets are secured in treasury wallets with an insured custody solution being finalized.  This custodial arrangement ensures the security of community treasury and master wallets.

The LODE Community will be provided with wallet custody services for those contributors that desire an insured cold storage solution for their assets. The community can expect announcements regarding this option upon final testing of the solution by end of Q2.

Exchanges – Q2/Q3

The LODE Service Providers are currently in discussions with a number of cryptocurrency exchanges for the listing of LODE assets. These discussions are ongoing with plans for listings to occur later in Q2 and Q3 of 2019.

The LODE Project is on a clear pathway towards the LODE Cryptographic Silver-Money System becoming a global reality. Congratulations to the LODE Community, you are creating a true silver-money system for the People, by the People.

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