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Syscoin and Blockchain Foundry Co-Founders Dan Wasyluk and Jag Sidhu were on-site at last month’s Anarchapulco conference to talk the soft launch of AGX.

Speaking with LODE Ambassadors and CTO/Co-Founder of Atomic47 Labs, Dave Olsson, Wasyluk said, “Key takeaways are ways to improve the experience, certain phones the app behaves differently on, things we can make faster and easier and that is what soft launch is for.”

“It’s cool seeing people from the silver community just as excited about this as people from the crypto community -I don’t know of any other products that bridge those two demographics,” Wasyluk said.

Sidhu echoed these views, “The silver and gold stackers appreciated how we are bridging the gap to crypto and the other side of silver and gold. The previous generations didn’t have the appreciation for crypto. But now they can start to see the appreciation and creating this better form of money; and that’s empowering for me.”

“AGX and LODE are tokens on the Syscoin platform – even while we have been here, we have made improvements,” Wasyluk said.

We are one step closer to AGX in the wild, said Olsson.

Blockchain Foundry Inc. OTC:BLFDF), is a leading North American Blockchain Development firm, it partnered with the LODE Community, an organized group of like-minded silver enthusiasts with members from more than 96 countries.

LODE is building the world’s first Cryptographic Silver Monetary System utilizing a blockchain protocol to enable the creation and distribution of two tokenized assets, each representing a unique relationship with investment-grade silver.

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